Effective Ways to Win in Casino Fishing Game



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Casino fishing game naturally gathered hundreds and thousands of people in Asia with an attractive graphical interface and huge prizes of high value. How to play? No need to worry because it’s the simplest game you will encounter and so easy to win. However smart player always has its own strategy to collect big amounts of coins within the game without spending too much of your money. This will be considered as the best way to play the casino fishing game of exchanging prizes to grab an amazing win instead of relying only upon luck. Kindly refer to the following tips:

Shooting enough bullets

Most of the players consider that shooting sufficient bullets to the fish and it will die eventually and this would be called a tactic. This would be a good sample to discuss with you, the 1st 4 points after you shoot up to 10, definitely it will die. Although do you know that there are some fish that only 1,2 bullets they will be dead, however, have a shot of up to 6 bullets but not enough to kill them. This is only when you shoot enough 10 bullets will surely kill the fish. There is some strategy that other players apply on this fishing game like if there are 4 players, the other 3 shooting 1 fish, every person has 1 shot, and the 3 members, however, the fish don’t die. At this moment, I shot 1 more fish to die.

This would be an effective strategy however it can only implement in some cases, it is because if the fish table doesn’t have many players within the game or the number of fish fluctuates, you will be having a hard determining the amount of bullet for every fish has.

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Use the small fish strategy

The majority of the players on this shooting fishing game are only targeting to shoot the big fish to expect higher points from it, however, ignoring the small fish in the scenario. This is considered a wrong tactic, specifically, if you are a newbie on this game, definitely don’t risk playing this way. The reason why is; it not only doesn’t kill the fish but also you will lose points as well as your bullets. Please keep in mind that in case the fish dies due to stray bullets, its either small or fairy fish, the score will not credit to you because Bulletfish is the ones who die due to stray bullets. Instead, focus on the small angle of the fish shot machine, it has a wider shooting mode of the dead fish bullets. The main key point of this strategy play is the higher percentage of killing the fish. The bullets shot in many directions, hit much fish, almost a bullet hit another fish.

Wall bounce fish strategy

The main objective of this play is to increase the number of bullets fired at the fish simultaneously. This will apply as you shoot some shots within the wall so that the bullet will bounce back to the fish. While the fired shots have not hit, we must shoot bullets straightly at the fish. In this scenario, there will be 2 bullets towards the fish at the same time. As a result, the chances of killing the fish will be higher. With this method, the possibility of dying fish will be high. Although, it will take a few bullets and it is more likely to achieve when the fish will go to the corner.