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For old schoolers, playing Singapore mahjong and Golden Dragon Online is one of the best things to do. This game serves as a challenge to players. Even the game itself has its own set of rules, which can baffle other players. However, this game can prove very useful to players. So that many people may know the online version, we will explain in great detail the version of Singapore mahjong seen online.

Singapore Mahjong Online: An Explanation

Mahjong has its origins as a Chinese game. It can be played in either fours or pairs, but the fours version is slightly more popular.

Singapore mahjong online aims to build complete suits or 3 tiles from between 13 to 16 tiles. The winning title then ends the game with a set of 14-17 tiles.

How Singapore Mahjong Online Originated

A lot of intrigue is linked to mahjong because of how it really came about. A lot of people think that it was made by Confucius, with others thinking that it evolved out of the dynasties. Whatever the origin, there can be no denying that it has grown to be a beloved game.

The West then got a hold of the game in the 1920s, and it would soon evolve to become the Singapore mahjong online game we have come to know and love. A recent uptick regarding the game because of casino and online gaming. Now, the game has its own dedicated set of followers.

Tile Set of Singapore Mahjong Online

Each region has its own version of the mahjong game. Today we will discuss the Singapore version. The Singapore Mahjong Online tile set is composed of 148 tiles. They are divided into the following:

  • Suits with 136 tiles
  • Flower suits with 8 tiles
  • Animal suit with 4 tiles

Bamboo, Circle, Numbers and Honour suits

There are 36 tiles each of Circle. Bamboo and Numbers suits. Every suit has tiles from 1-9 with four tiles in the suit.

The honour suit, meanwhile, has two types of tiles, the dragon tiles and wind tiles.

  • The Dragon Tiles

Within the dragon tiles, there are three distinctive tiles in the dragon suit that have a unique tile containing 4 tiles each, for a total of 12 tiles. The tiles are named as follows:

  • Green Dragon
  • Red Dragon
  • White Dragon


  • Wind Tiles

There are four distinct tiles having the wind suit, with every tile containing four tiles for a total of 16 tiles. The tiles are the East Wind, South Wind, West Wind and North Wind.

  • Flower Suit

These contain two kinds of flower tiles known as the Red Flower Suit and the Black Flower Suit with each set containing 4 different tiles for a total of 8 tiles. Every flower set has tiles lined up from 1 to 4. Number 1 matches the East Wind, number 2 corresponds to the South Wind, Number 3 matches West Wind and number 4.

  • Animal Suit

Four animal tiles have a display that includes a unique animal.

Combinations in Singapore Mahjong Online

1. Chow

A chow has three tiles in a numerical sequence of suits. Honour, flower and animal tiles can’t be used in a chow.

2. Pong

A pong has three tiles of the same suit and number. For example, a set of three circles with the number “5” is considered a pong.

3. Kong

A kong is made up of 4 tiles of the same number and suit. For example four bamboos with the number 4 is a kong.

4. Eye

An eye in Singapore mahjong online is made up of the same number and suit. Flower suit and animal tiles can’t be used in an eye.


Forming a Mahjong

To get a mahjong, you need to have just one eye, and four sets of any of chows, pongs and kongs.

Playing Singapore Mahjong Online

A game is wherein tiles are given to the players and the game is enacted until a player says “mahjong”, or the unused tiles are out and no one wins.

A round of Singapore online mahjong is composed of several games. At the start of the mahjong round, a banker usually determined by rolling the dice. For online games, the computer user in the online games is the first banker. If the player has “mahjong” and a player has declared a “kong”, the bank position goes to the player on the right of the banker on the previous game. Otherwise, the banker is still the same. A round is complete when a banker position has gone around the table 4 times.

Prevailing Wind

With the mahjong round starting, Prevailing Wind begins at the east position. When the banker position then goes one full time around the table, the wind then changes to the south, then the west, and then the north.

After the north prevailing wind, the round is completed. The prevailing wind is seen from the computer game through viewing the compass’ middle below.

Singapore Mahjong Online: Helping You Get Your Fix for Winning!

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