Singapore Football: Aleksandar Duric, The Valencia’s Path to goal 2034



Photo Credit: the new paper

Singapore football news is here to provide the latest happenings in the world of Singaporean football in which considering as the main sport in the country. Singapore must harness the La Liga team’s skills in footballing greatness. When Aleksandar Duric visited the top Spanish football team last year, I witnessed a sports factory of football expertise, legacy, and competence. Even the landscaper focuses their job carefully taking care of the football pitches and this will be well prepared that each blade of grass was ready for the drills. The 18 Singaporean kids whom I traveled for a week-long training camp and were only impressed. The important visit was managed by the Singapore Olympic Foundation and ActiveSG, which its 4th travel was held last month. An idea was created from Duric: What if we are able to harness Valencia’s expertise for Singapore’s own football improvement? The set up cannot be more critical, witnessing how the Youthful Lions didn’t manage to past the group stages at the SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines.

Regarding on the Football Association of Singapore’s aspiring target of qualifiers for the World Cup Finals 2034, we will need all the support that we can obtain. So why not take the chance to tap on Valencia? If there is one European team in which Singapore can acquire skills from and adapt, this is the chance. The squad understands Singapore, our kids, our necessities, and our demands. It is an expert football team with a Singapore relevance, owned by the billionaire Peter Lim and organized by the former Singapore diplomat Anil Murthy. It was a 100-year-old organization, with a centennial creator of world-class football magic against the odds. This is the reason why Valencia is a regular Champions League team. Valencia has more knowledge and experience to share with Singapore, particularly in the three portions which we need to reach the target goal 2034: insufficiency in passion, variety of priorities and shorthanded players’ talent.

Understanding the passion

Kids in Singapore are not well knowledgeable in terms of passion. It is strong and one of the most influential words, if you have this kind of passion, you will give everything you got. This could mean a willingness to sacrifice a late night out to be in the best form as possible for the training in the next morning. At the team’s training establishment, youthful players lead exceptionally orderly lives, and most of the time their daily routine revolves only in studies and football. However, they don’t think twice and willing to make sacrifices. This kind of passion can connect to families like Jose Luis Gaya, who plays a left-back and now is a Spanish international. Since the age of 11, Luis traveled 100 kilometers every day to reach the training in Valencia. Now the most interesting thing is, how many young players and families have the passion to act like this?

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