Singapore Football News: Hariss Harun a bonfire for the Singaporean Football



Photo Credit: goal

The latest football news in Singapore is here to provide the latest happenings in the world of Singaporean football in which considering as the main and popular sport in the country. From my observation, there are lots of football fans that are really saddened to the terrible condition of Singaporean football in the past few years, as demonstrated by the fast fall within the FIFA world rankings. Additionally, there are redundant failures in different senior and age-group competitions from recent years. The disappointing condition of affairs was improved by the past SEA Games tragedy, incorporated by the inexcusable action of the nine players who broke the national team’s curfew in the Philippines SEA Games. The FAS or Football Association of Singapore will hope to give its best to restore their football, however, the modification in structures and systems being implemented would be provided unproductive in case the mindsets of the footballers don’t change.

There have been sketches of the national and league players gaining a lifestyle that is out of the season as a professional player. Doing activities at late nights, acquiring unhealthy foods before and after the games, smoking in a secret place, unable to put extra training hours and so on. These are not uncommon stories mumbling around the football field. Hariss Harun, Lions Captain, central midfielder, is considered as still remain as a top-notch professional footballer, there are many sacrifices and self-attention care are essential. This is obviously not a surprise for all that Harun has the ability to obtain so much in his career. At this moment and for the future, I can only hope and believe that all the current and aspiring professional football players can take a moment to read on Harun’s book to expectantly raise the Singapore football out of the chaos.

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