Singapore Football: Ilhan Fandi reminisces the pressure under his name



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The football news in Singapore is here to provide the latest happening in the world of Singaporean football in which considering as the main and popular sport in the country. Looking back to the local football legend Fandi Ahmad as his father and his national team regular rosters Iksan and Irfan Fandi as his older brothers, Ilhan Fandi is well acknowledged about the responsibility and the big boots that he must fill in. however, the young 17-year-old attacking midfielder will not faint under the heavy expectations of the people. Instead, he is positive that he will survive under the pressure as the young footballer will enter his 1st full season within the SPL or Singapore Premier League along with the Young Lions club. Ilhan provided his SPL debut through his father until the end of the last term and not wasted time to showcase himself as he delivered in his 1st two starts. When he was interviewed regarding carrying his Father’s name in the field and he stated:

“Honestly, I love it. It makes me work even harder to meet those expectations. I am confident that I will reach it, not now, but eventually. At this moment, I want to focus on the coming season and see where I stand.”

It is essential that his older brothers Ikhsan and Irfan, who are working on their trade with Thai squad BG Pathum United and Norway’s Raufoss IL, they have offered some important tips to their younger brother. Ilhan stated:


“My brothers always tell me to keep working hard and push myself, especially in terms of physique. They want me to get more physical with opponents.”

For the like of Ikhsan 20-year-old, Irfan 22-year-old and Ilhan, who departed to England for two years to spend their education at Queen Ethelburga’s college and at the same time training with the i2i Football Academy in York, the young player is confident and is not lacking in his work as a professional player. When the reputable source stated some foreign defenders like Lion City Sailor’s Kaishu Yamazaki and Zac Anderson of Hougang United, in which Ilhan will be the opponents in the future, the Lionel Messi fan provided a great smile, chuckled, and said:

“It’s good for my development. Because if you want to be the best, then you have to play against the best… If I don’t test myself, I won’t know how good I am.”

Nazri Nasir, the Young Lions coach, who was the successor from Fandi last year, believes that Ilhan will work hard for his role as a false No. 9 and he stated:

“He’s a naturally talented player. Since his return from England, he’s become a lot tougher. I expect him to be a lot more tactically intelligent this year. We are playing him as a false No. 9 because he has a really good technique and good reading of the game. The players around him have to connect with him.”

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