Premier League to change football for a Netflix inspired streaming service



Richard Masters, the incoming Premier League chief executive, confirmed for the 1st time last week that the preparation is in progress to provide an in-house Netflix imitator service and this is to implement the broadcasting of the top-flight English football games to their beloved customers or subscribers. The league’s recent television contract agreement is still active up until 2022, however, the company (that was owned by 20 club members) is searching the possible cost of breaking out the middle man and returning the rights from the established broadcasters. The project would be the Premier League providing the football programming itself on a customize integrated platform in which the subscribers will sign up to and will pay the appropriate fee directly to the league for the access, this would be from the 2022 to 2023 seasons onwards. When you observe carefully, the benefits in return are crystal clear. First and foremost, the league is in terms of managing its own revenue streams more directly, and this will establish an in-depth connection by ensuring the transaction will process between the fan and Premier League directly, compared with international media combination standing between the two sides. The Premier League broadcasting privileges are sold in 212 regions globally; this will be a possibility of 4.7 billion users and 643 million homes, this is from the oncoming chief executive forerunner Richard Scudamore back then in 2013. Every month receiving directly from the subscriber’s fee from every user or household that would possibly shoot the Premier League’s already extensive broadcasting income of £5bn ($6.5bn) for 2019 to 2022 into heaven. 


The idea has already met with the broad consent from the fans within the United Kingdom and beyond, there are lots of people that have been paying a continuous sky-high fees to the established sports broadcasters for bundle subscriptions within 28 years since the Premier League began, like belN Sports within the Middle East and Sky TV within the United Kingdom. From the previous years, broadcast privileges owners have pushed towards to vary their offering to the users by providing more enticing packages on discounted terms. We can have this kind of scenario to show clarity, let say the belN Sports owned Now TV program that offers the users within the United Kingdom the chance to buy a one-day pass for single user sporting events, while the remaining customers that don’t want to use a monthly Sports TV subscription can give an £8 or $10 fee if they want to watch only the Liverpool vs Manchester United matchup. The same business models have been operated by leagues in a variety of sports globally. A well-informed guess would be, relying on the prices charged by the huge institution like NBA and NFL for their indicated services, meaning the Premier League subscription will cost £20 to £40 or $25 to $45 somewhere within the region per monthly fee. 

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