Singapore Sports School dominated Assumption Pathway in a 32-0 score line



Photo credit: channel news asia

The football news on Singapore page is here to provide the latest happenings in the world of Singaporean football in which considering as the main and popular sport in the country. These school squads that were participated in a football game in which resulted in a 32 – 0 scoreline to one side in which far stronger than the other team. They have some joint discussions to contradict the negative comments that game had obtained, specifying that these squads have an understanding that before the upcoming matchup they will do their best of their capabilities for the true sportsmanship of the game. The interesting game has come under the ground in which the superiority of the Singapore Sports School thrashed their lower profile rivals in a 32 – 0. The faceoff in which occurred on January 20, 2020, was a National B Division Boys Championship preliminary stage game, this considered as one of the Singapore National School Games. There are some negative comments following the game had led to these squads doing some examinations on thoughts and feelings, before the moral decision of statements was released respectively. There are some people said that SSP must take their foot off the surge, particularly following the reported scoreline of 20 – 0 at the half-time. Other detractors stated that the coaching staff of SSP must be sacked for permitting their better trained young boys to surge continuously and embarrass their rivals. I’m thinking that if that will be the best implementation in the management of the winning team. However, these two young teams stated that: 


“The boys from both teams enjoyed the game and drew valuable lessons from it. These include the mistakes and good moves made”.

Both squads also disclosed that they came together for an interview following the game, in which the young players and the coaches of the Singapore Sports School applaud the side from Assumption Pathway for their dedication in the football game. Now that these young teams have now shed light on their stand on the large interval of the scoreline, there were no spoken from the losing team, and this is how their faith must have been smashed, regardless of what they have striven for, they will now realize that it was simply not enough. The beaten boys and their management must put some serious analysis to address the mistakes and insufficiency of the team so that for the upcoming games there will be more cautious and responsible younger teams to compete.

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