Singapore’s different stories that is surprisingly in SEA Games 2019



Photo Credit: channel news Asia

The highs of Singapore national team

First gold from the Softball sport and it will include for their history books. It does not only do the Singaporean team’s distress of hosts and crowds favorites which are the Philippines provided the 1st time ever of softball gold at the SEA Games 2019, however, but the tough-earned victory was also the evidence of the hard-working and proven resourcefulness as well as perseverance. To set out their win as a “dream come true” Ivan Ng, team captain of Singapore stated that their victory came through a lot of obstacles in the process. From the long time spent on their training on a dimly light, rough ground and really getting down and dirty while in the process of do it yourself sessions of weeding and moving power generators, the players featured us all that a simple elbow dirt and a behavior of no excuses will go a long road to overcome a giant.

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The Underwater hockey in a gold rush debut. Is it a new sport for Singaporean? I think there will be no problem with that. This is considered as a surprise from the get-go as a Singaporean squad performing underwater grow above their expectations. Both men’s and women’s team created a clean sweep from their events, acquiring a prize of four golds in the underwater hockey’s game debut. The winnings were too much sweeter for the female player namely Christina Tham, she hit the gold two times within two days at her 3rd matches, this would be a sum total of 36 years after his 1st medal award. Christina is a 50-year-old former national swimmer who outlines herself as the “third time lucky”, and for the record, she has taken home two silvers back then in 1981 and 1983. Tham stated: “It feels incredible, awesome, unbelievable… I hope that it also sends a message out to everyone that age is really just a number and that you are only as old as you feel.”

One of the distress of the Singaporean national team

This would be considered as an upset and latest news for the Singapore football team and these nine players learn the hard way as they were identified for disciplinary action for violating the curfew policy in the SEA Games 2019. The FAS or the Football Association of Singapore, who labeled and humiliated the footballers, and consider their action as wholly unacceptable along President Lim Kia Tong stating that the players had failed the entire country. There are two trusted sources not to be mentioned told CAN that the incident happened in the evening of Singapore’s 3 – 0 defeat against Thailand on December 1. The disciplinary disgrace was another a remarkable tag so far on the squad’s not a good performance in the games, breaking out of contending against the tough Vietnam side following the goalless performance within four matches. There are fans reacting to the footballers’ issue that would face stiff sanctions, they rallied as a support for the players. CNA reader Kenneth Victor stated: “Don’t kill their spirit, give a little grace once in a while.”

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