Tanjong Pagar United will officially play in Singapore Premier League



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The Singapore football news website page is here to provide the latest happenings in the world of Singaporean football in which considering as the main and popular sport in the country. Finally, the FAS or Football Association of Singapore gives the green signal to the Tanjong Pagar United club to officially play in the SPL or Singapore Premier League, following the squad management merge their financial stand. The club that sat out in the domestic professional football league since 2015, and they feel confident for a comeback since 2017. For the record, the team had applied to play the league from the past three years, but unfortunately, were not allowed by the governing body each time they tried. Yesterday, the Jaguar football club, this team are among the eight veteran teams of the S-League back then in 1996, at last, has acquired a green signal from the FAS to officially join in the new season of SPL. The FAS stated:

“The club met all the necessary pre-requisites…. for participation in the SPL 2020 season.”

Team chairman stated in The New Paper yesterday:

“We are all very happy to be able to return after sitting out for so many years. We look forward to helping develop Singapore football as well as grooming younger talents. To do that, we are going to form a committee and start recruiting players and so on.” 

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The comeback will be considered as Pagar United’s 2nd following they were out in 2005 because of financial problems and they showcased again within the league from 2011 to 2014, then sat out in 2015. Following the surge into financial issues again. Raymond is aware of the difficulties in overspending. The 54-year-old would expect Pagar United will spend responsibly in the process. Tang added that they could play their ground games at the Jurong East Stadium, sharing it with Albirex Niigata and he stated:

“In our first season back, we are not going to aim for the top three positions, there are so many teams in the league with so much experience, so we won’t be able to match them. Of course, we are going to try our best to dominate and push ourselves. But we will go in slowly, work within our means. We don’t want to be over-ambitious and end up going haywire financially, and have to sit out again.”

Raymond stated in the media announcement last week:

“The club consolidated sufficiently and, with their prudent financial management, are now in a stronger position to make this commitment.”

Yesterday, he provided more key analysis into the squad’s financial stand, sharing with TNP their revenue streams and Tang stated:

“Our main source of income used to be our jackpot machines until May 2019.”

The team’s jackpot license was not restored as they sat out and not given to have jackpot operations because of very strict regulations. He added:

“But, because we sat out the past few years, we haven’t had many expenses. So we have accrued savings, we also conduct football clinics in schools and events as well as have fund-raisers to boost our coffers. We have been applying for years and each time they looked at the financial side, among other things, this year, we are ready.”

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