Tatsuma Yoshida shout out for teamwork to combat coronavirus



Photo credit: straitstimes

The national football team coach Tatsuma Yoshida, who took Lions coach last May, and he also highlighted the he felt at home in Singapore. He is encouraging the people of Singapore to provide teamwork and toughness to combat the covid19 pandemic. This is to work first on themselves to strengthen their immune system by taking their hygiene and proper action when is someone coughing or other related symptoms to prevent the virus. In addition, by taking updates from the government and to take the protocol seriously by cooperating with the front lines for their important needs like buying foods and medicines for their family. In related to the Singapore Premier League cancellation and also the Lion’s World Cup qualifications against Palestine and Saudi Arabia that are scheduled within the last week of March 2020 has been postponed. Tatsuma provided an open letter and provided a video message to all local football fans on the FAS or Football Association of Singapore’s official Facebook page. The Japanese coach stated: 


“I am very grateful for the support shown to me by Singaporeans and the trust you have given me to lead your national team. I could feel it in the stadiums during our home matches last year, in person when we meet and in the very kind comments online. I am proud and feel so happy”.

“What you have shown, together with our players and backroom staff, is that when we unite with belief, we can overcome all challenges in front of us. Whether it is higher-ranked opponents on the field or the more serious problem facing all of us now, we can win this battle. Please give all your support to our health workers, our doctors and nurses who are working so hard in this fight.”

“They are our heroes. They are standing on the frontlines for us and we have to do the right thing for them. This is not difficult for us. Please follow all the instructions by the authorities. Now is the time for us to work together as a team. I have been here for almost 10 months and I really feel at home here. I feel this way each time I return to Singapore, whether it is from our away matches, my scouting trips to watch our overseas players or from my recent holiday in Japan. Going through immigration control at Changi Airport always gives me the feeling that I am coming home.”

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