Singapore Football News: Warriors FC confirmed to be out in the new SPL season



Photo Credit: the union journal

The latest football news in Singapore is here to provide the latest happenings in the world of Singaporean football in which considering as the main and popular sport in the country. The final decision is confirmed by the FAS or Football Association of Singapore in which the financially troubled Warriors FC to sit out in the new SPL or Singapore Premier League. The players planned to meet the management of the team regarding the next action following the confirmation to skip the 2020 campaign. For the record, Singapore’s most popular and successful football team is the Warriors FC citing that they will miss the new season of SPL. Providing the Warriors squad’s financial problems, the FAS confirmed the announcement in the media concerning the nine-time league champions will officially out in the 2020 event. It was a week ago since the media statement that the club rejected the decision and they were hoping to reverse the decision but unfortunately failed. FAS stated that it has been a serious concern that the Warriors FC has to carry “financial problems into this year with no chance of meeting them”. Additionally, when the squad was questioned regarding the proposal for 2020, there was insufficient detail concerning their capability to clear the present liabilities and keep future financial survivability.

The decision of FAS to let the team out in the new season was extremely difficult on the squad’s players and staff. Additionally, the side already acquired at least 15 players for the new season, which scheduled to start next month. Warriors FC defender Delwinder Singh, he’s one of the players signed in a contract, stated on The New Paper:

“This news does come as a surprise to us… Since I signed the contract, I’ve been professional with carrying on training. I left the club to settle the matters. That’s all I can do as a player.”

There is a player that did not want to be known and stated on TNP that the team learned of FAS through social media Facebook, following the training activity. He said:

“This is quite hard for us to accept. The club had informed us that all the issues would be settled and we would be participating in the new season. Most of us signed our contracts even before we heard about the club being told to sit out of the new season. This isn’t a decision that FAS would have reached overnight, so why weren’t the players informed? FAS could have communicated with us and we would be considering other clubs instead. Some of the players have a family to feed, so what do we do now?”

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